Bach Centre-approved Level 2 courses are the next step for participants who have completed an approved Level 1 course. The course lasts two days.

Level 2 gives you the opportunity to acquire confidence in choosing the right remedies for yourself and others and gain a deeper understanding of the remedies.

Topics covered include type and mood remedies and subtle differences between remedy pairs. You will also deepen your knowledge of Dr Bach's philosophy and explore how it might enrich your own approach to life.

Below we introduce the different types of approved Level 2 course. Certification in all cases is to the same standard, and once you have completed any of these courses you can move on to any approved Level 3 practitioner course.

Students on approved courses are eligible to apply for student registration with the Bach Centre, which can enhance your learning experience.





提升對Dr. Bach巴哈醫師花精療法系統哲學與精神理念的認識,從而重新審視自己的人生。


**報名二階先備條件:已取得Bach Level 1 course證書(遠距可)


『Bach Centre Level 2 course 英國巴哈中心花精國際認證課程』二階 2016/03/19 ~ 03/20台北

特聘導師Deki Soh來台授課。

頒發國際通用證書,由Bach Centre英國巴哈中心寄發。

遇見巴哈花精專線:0955099055 ; Line ID@peace99


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